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Offer a unique gift...

Why not offer a real personalized gift that will last over time?

I offer you a nice gift card that you can personalize according to the person for whom it is intended but also according to your budget.

Offer a tailor-made session, a unique photo experience.

How to order a card?

Contact me by emailhereor by phone, telling me what type of session you want to offer.

Also fill in your full contact details: first name, last name, postal address, telephone.

The card can be withdrawn directly from Nice. If you prefer postage, add 6€ for postage.

The gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Alternatively, you can order directly online and receive your gift voucher in the form of a printable PDF (non-contractual visual, the presentation of the PDF voucher is much simpler than the card presented above).

You have the possibility to choose the amount you wish to offer

The PDF will be presented during the photo shoot.

To order and pay directly online, it's here:

Gift ideas...

Offer a personalized gift that will be original and that will please for sure!

1 photo session of your choice via the Christmas gift card

1 photo on a hanger

1 FineArt print

A magnificent Art print, choose the photo and the support of your choice in the ARTSHOP Gallery

Colorado Provençal to offer on a professional quality photo support
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