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Delighted !

​Reportage Photos, it's my "baby"!


Originally from the Paris region, I decided to put my luggage in Nice, more than ten years ago.

I worked for more than thirteen years at the Stade de France where I was responsible for the photo library and the archives.

I used freelance photographers during major events.

My photography CAP in my pocket thanks to an Individual Training Leave (CIF), the direction passed to me in addition to my missions, photographer.

Since my arrival in Nice, I wanted to see "the other side".

I often call on freelance photographers, so now it's my turn.

I took my courage in both hands and I created my company.

I then embarked on this beautiful adventure that is Reportage Photos.

Every day is a new stage.

Meeting new people, new stories, new challenges.

Living from your passion is a chance.

Luck provokes itself.

I love my job which makes me take all sorts of paths.

Creating memories is my job, so I do it with a lot of heart and professionalism.

I like to discuss with you in order to fully understand what you expect.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, I will make every effort to achieve the desired result.

What I love about my daily life is to go from one day to the next, from the sweetness of a newborn to the modesty of a pregnant woman, from the carelessness of a child's gaze to the rigor of architecture

I like to smile, I like to share, I like sunny people, I like optimism, I like the craziness of life.

On the other hand, I must tell you, I hate being photographed!!!!

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