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Your marriage

I design a wedding report by meeting the bride and groom several times and maintaining a privileged bond.

We will discuss your desires, your ideas in order to build your wedding report together.​

After meeting and deciding to continue the adventure together, we will sign a formal contract.

We will continue to refine together the organization of the photo report before the big day.​

On D-Day, I will be discreet, available and never far from you.

At the end of the report you will have access to all the photos thanks to an album secured by a personal secret code.​

The report will also be delivered to you in full on a USB key (in High Definition), presented in a pretty wooden case.

Pretty Wedding Days

Click on the photos below to discover a selection of pretty weddings that I had the chance to photograph.

Romanticism, sweetness, joy, happiness and brides at the TOP!

How far in advance should I contact you?

Contact me as soon as possible because some of you book very early: in general, the bride and groom block the date 1 year in advance. A contract in good and due form will be signed between us in order to guarantee the service.

Cover more than one wedding per day

No ! Humanly and physically, I do not know how to do.


Do you charge for travel? 

Travel is invoiced in addition depending on the location (official kilometer scale in force + motorway toll charges). If you are getting married in the Nice area, you will not have travel expenses. Everything is notified in the contract, no bad surprises on arrival.

What styles of photography do you take? 

I don't know how to categorize my style of photography but what is certain is that I spend a lot of time identifying you so that the photos look like you. I like natural, colorful (even if I love Black & White) and contrasting photos.

What type of material do you use? 

I work in digital. I am always accompanied by 2 cameras and several lenses.

The equipment I use is from the Nikon professional range.

Do you have a platform to share photos online?

Yes, a secure platform for you and your guests.

The little extra is that your guests won't have to pay anything to download your wedding photos!

For you, the entire report in high definition will be delivered on a USB key.

What is the approximate delivery time of the final report?

It takes about a month. Post-Production work is long and is an integral part of the reporting fee.

Know that on a full wedding day (from preparations to the evening), I spend about 40 hours sorting and retouching your photos.

Are the photos marked with your copyright?

You pay for a service, so that means that the photos belong to you. I will deliver copyright-free photos to you.

Do you work alone or in a team?

I work alone but I am part of a group of great photographers if needed ;-)


Do you reserve the right to freely publish the wedding photographs?

The law is very clear on this. The photographer does not have the right to distribute or use photos without the prior consent of the persons photographed. So the answer is quite naturally "No". 


What are your rates ?

Je offers the complete report from €1,900.

Smaller formulas allow all budgets to adapt.

However, nothing prevents you from writing me a note so that I can give you a personalized quote.

How is payment made?

By cheque, cash or bank transfer: 40% on order, the balance on the wedding day.

Your online gallery

Your private online gallery will be accessible during6 months from the delivery of the photos.

You are solely responsible for the preservation of your images.

Quickly download your report and store it on different media (USB key, external hard drive, cloud).

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